Craghoppers Season Collection Launches

Bringing a buzz to the outdoor clothing brand’s biannual season launches

The brief

Craghoppers is a British brand recognised as an outdoor and adventure travel specialist in the retail sector. With a brand ethos focused around mindfully-made, practical clothing that enables travellers to explore and share experiences, Craghoppers is also a leader in innovative clothing technologies which protect the wearer whatever the elements.

As a leading name in outdoor clothing on the high street, Craghoppers’ biannual season launches for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections need to make instant impact. Often set in unique venues and featuring well-known brand ambassadors, Impression realises the stories behind Craghoppers and its latest campaigns through creative visual branding and seamless project management of season launches.

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Craghoppers Signage
Client Craghoppers
Sector Retail
Location Nationwide, UK

What we did

External Signage

Internal Signage

Exhibition stands


Visual branding services


Partnering with Craghoppers’ branding agency, photographers and event coordinators, Impression’s Consult phase is essential to understanding the client’s campaign concepts, latest products and communicating the brand’s values in a way that packs a punch.

During Consult we’ll plan each element of the visual campaign from catwalk to signage, taking into account the chosen venue for the season launch. Ranging from the Concorde Hangar at Manchester Airport to Chetham’s School of Music, every launch must be planned to showcase the client’s collection whilst complementing the unique surroundings of the event.


Working closely with Craghoppers’ branding agency and photography team, Impression adapts our client’s artwork to create unique systems that boldly communicate the campaign. Environmental considerations are integral to Design. Craghoppers is an outdoors brand with ethos around exploring and caring for our planet, and our materials are meticulously planned to ensure sustainability runs through every season launch.

Large-format graphics and signage are often designed to a tight timescale, responding to the latest products, photography and featured information available from the client to ensure the season launch materials are fully up-to-date. Materials must be practical to accommodate a quick take-down and reconstruction of the launch event at the client’s showroom within 48 hours.


Fully printed and packed in-house by Impression, once designs are approved we work quickly to bring materials to life. Our manufacture schedule is closely managed by our Production Manager, keeping to the client’s often tight timescales to maintain our excellent track record in on-time and on-budget delivery.

Temporary signage, large-format graphics, print and displays are produced using sustainable materials to meet the client’s brief, with all production quality-assured by our Directors throughout and team collaboration addressing any issues straight away to keep the season launch on schedule.


Impression’s Installation Manager is kept busy over every Craghoppers season launch weekend. On site for a prompt event set-up, during Deliver we install all signage, large-format graphics, campaign and other promotional materials including creation of the client’s catwalk, lighting and testing to ensure a seamless launch.

Each event is Craghoppers’ seasonal global sales pitch, attended by international buyers. Following the launch show, all materials are taken down, transported and repurposed in the client’s showroom by Impression for opening on Monday morning. Adapting some materials on site to allow for the change in venue, our work is ongoing all weekend to generate the interest and impact needed for successful seasonal sales.

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Requiring a fast turnaround, creative ideas and a deep understanding of our client’s brand, Impression’s season launch work for Craghoppers makes the impact needed for strong sales.

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Every season launch is a milestone event for Craghoppers. Impression supports our branding team with advice and recommendations that perfectly suit every event, creating bold large-format print to showcase our products and with sustainability values at the heart of everything the company produces. Quality of print is always exceptional, and the installation team is integral to the success of each season launch with complete pre-event set-up and testing throughout the venue. Transferring and transforming materials after each event for use at Head Office helps our brand to achieve excellent value from every launch. It’s a pleasure to work with Impression.

Rochine Metcalfe, Craghoppers

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