Visual Branding & Communications for Museums

Working alongside museum managers and curators, Impression’s visual branding, communications and displays create attractive museum spaces which educate and inspire visitors, enhancing learning opportunities and experiences.

From wayfinding and external signage to interactive learning walls, object displays and large format outreach graphics, museums including Bolton Libraries & Museums, are brought to life through creative visual branding that attracts footfall, increases awareness and engages visitors.

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Signage For Museums

Visual branding services

Consult for Museums

Every museum is completely unique. Through Consult, Impression understands the goals of your organisation, your key priorities and target audiences, as well as the results our work needs to achieve.

Whether you’re an exciting interactive museum that educates children or a local history museum bursting with insight into the area’s past, from new-build museum spaces to museums occupying listed buildings, Impression works with museum managers and curators to develop a brief for projects ranging from special exhibitions to essential wayfinding and public safety messaging.

Design for Museums

With great understanding of your museum, its purpose and exhibits, Design sees Impression develop cohesive graphics, large-format external and internal artwork, wayfinding and outreach signage and unique object displays which are accessible to a museum’s audience.

Prototypes may be produced and visual mock-ups presented, enabling museum clients to fully visualise how visual branding products will appear in situ, whilst considering how the museum’s visitors will interact with our work and practical concerns such as public health and safety.

Create for Museums

Managed fully in-house, Impression’s production team manufactures a complete range of visual branding materials for museums. All work is continually quality-assured to ensure materials will continue to work for your museum all year round, whether displayed internally or externally.

With a full production unit in Bolton, Impression turns products around efficiently for time-critical openings, exhibitions and events.

Deliver for Museums

Impression’s installation team enjoys years of experience in the visual branding of museums and public spaces, completing full RAM statements and health and safety documentation prior to any work and holding CSCS certification for work at museums under construction.

From full exhibition fit-outs, working closely with curators to create maximum impact from exhibit displays, to outreach signage that makes the most of your outdoor space, and dispatch of materials for installation by museum teams, Deliver professionally completes your project on time.


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Bolton Libraries & Museums occupies unique buildings in our area, and Impression really understand how to work with our architecture to get the most out of our graphics, signage and exhibits. From the Local History gallery to Bolton’s Art and Natural History, Impression’s team have created eye-catching display solutions, interactive exhibition artwork and informative wall graphics which educate our visitors and spark interest in the subjects. Impression work across all of our sites, with work sympathetic to each setting – they even created unique Covid signage that made for an unlikely talking point in 2020!

Jo Lewis, Bolton Museum

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