Lenticular printing that creates vibrant displays & point of sale products

07 Apr 2021

One of Impression’s most striking products, lenticular printing brings life to static images. Adding motion and depth by printing onto profiled lenses, our team creates uniquely interactive display and point of sale products for retail, museums and exhibitions in particular.

Lenticular printing brings images to life, creating vibrant displays & point of sale for retail, exhibition & more.

Lenticular printing brings images to life, creating vibrant displays & point of sale for retail, exhibition & more.

Visitors walking past a display will see a moving image as they view it from different angles, catching the eye and drawing attention to new product ranges, campaigns or exhibition highlights. Our clients have used lenticular printing to showcase products in movement, to bring an added ‘hidden’ dimension to an advertising campaign and to create in-store talking points the help to generate sales.

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Impression’s lenticular printing process

During our ‘Consult’ phase, we discuss with our client how lenticular printing can be best utilised and positioned to maximise interest and engagement. Identifying how the product should work and the client’s end goal, during ‘Design’ we combine at least two images, usually supplied by our clients’ campaign photographers, to create layers for 3D effects, or to display images evolving from one to another.

A single interlaced frame is printed during ‘Create’ onto a lens, then positioned into the client’s chosen display unit which may be inside a cube or forming part of larger wall or column artwork. Our installation team takes care during ‘Deliver’ to ensure that the lens isn’t damaged, positioning products for maximum impact in each setting.

Have a look at our Lenticular Printing product page for more examples

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Why choose lenticular printing with Impression?

Lenticular products are highly versatile, adding vibrancy to create displays that grab attention and turn heads. Photography is used to fantastic effect, putting new product ranges or exhibition features in the spotlight and carrying broad appeal to visitors of all ages.

Impression’s team enjoys years’ of experience in developing visual branding that works for our clients. Through accuracy and care, we produce excellent lenticular results that show off our client’s work professionally, creating high-end, dynamic display and print which generate excitement and interest.

About Impression’s Visual Branding Services

Impression (Bolton) Ltd is a visual branding, communications and large format business supplying Greater Manchester local authorities, high street retailers, national sporting organisations, schools, universities and many other recognised brands.

Established in 2008 by experienced Directors Martin Lyons and Carl Webster, Impression’s work is delivered entirely in-house in Bolton, from concept to manufacture and installation. Our ‘Consult-Design-Create-Deliver’ process enhances projects from start to finish with complete solutions from our experienced team. Through creative thinking that increases footfall, generates awareness and encourages sales, Impression delivers Visual Branding With Impact for every client.

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To find out more about Impression’s lenticular printing work and our visual branding projects, contact us on 01204 388980 or through the website.


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