Impression eco: Making impact sustainably

12 Jul 2021

Impression is proud to launch Impression eco, our range of sustainable print, signage and large format products which make an impact mindfully.

Impression launches Impression eco, our sustainable print, signage & large format range

Impression launches Impression eco, our sustainable print, signage & large format range

Impression is proud to launch Impression eco, our sustainable print brand that enables us to deliver impact mindfully for our clients.

Impression has long been committed to researching, developing and implementing sustainable resources wherever possible in our print, large format, signage and display projects.

As clients' values become ever-more focused on environmental impact, we have recognised the need to align ourselves with these objectives more formally, clearly demonstrating not only our own commitments to ecological awareness but to highlight the stunning results which can be achieved with sustainably-sourced products.

Sustainable print from Impression eco

Sustainable print from Impression eco

What is Impression eco?

Our Impression eco range comprises carbon-neutral and PVC-free materials including recycled and recyclable paper and card, paper board and PVC-free films, selected for their consistency in quality, ease of application and practicality of large-scale implementation, whether for one-off events or national retail campaign rollouts.

As you can expect from Impression, we have taken great care to select materials which don't compromise on the end result, ensuring that the impact you need - whether a retail campaign to generate sales, display materials to educate and inform, or events products to create talking points - is always achieved.

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Impression eco certified products

We understand that many of our clients rely on Impression and Impression eco to support their environmentally-aware brand messages, and we certify the environmental properties of our materials if required to give complete reassurance on the traceability of materials selected. 

Please advise at the beginning of your project if you'll need certification, and we'll incorporate this into our project planning. 

Mindful projects delivered by Impression eco

Impression eco projects are about more than just the products themselves, though. Through Consult, we plan your project from start to finish, including the reuse or recycling of materials wherever possible elsewhere in your business, or in the wider local community. For example, we may plan multi-purpose products which can be reused for a future campaign or in stores, or we may develop museum materials which can be reinstalled in a local school.

During Create, our in-house processes include efficiencies through the use of the latest technology, waste reduction, separation and recycling to ensure our facilities operate in line with Impression eco values.

Deliver will not only install your Impression eco products, or dispatch nationally to retail doors, but we support take-down too, including the recycling, repurposing or reinstallation of materials as required to ensure your project meets your environmental brief.

Bringing Bolton Library & Museum Services' "World of Colours" to life through Impression eco

Impression recently delivered the Bolton Library & Museum Services' "World of Colours" exhibition using 100% sustainable products under our Impression eco brand.

Bolton Library & Museum Services’ “World of Colours” exhibition

Like many others, environmental and sustainability values are an important consideration to our client, and our work in 2021 paves the way for future carbon-reduced displays at its sites.

Read more about our recent Impression eco work with Bolton Library & Museum Services

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To find out more about Impression eco's sustainable print, signage and large format products, our mindful approach to visual branding and communications projects, and to request your sample pack, contact us on 01204 388980 or:

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